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A patio can make a great addition to your garden as it offers a wide range of uses, wether its to place garden furniture upon or just offer a bit of contrast to the greenery. Helping AND has experience in patio construction and can offer advice on many different aspects such as where to locate your patio, what materials you'll need, what colours would suit best, what size would be best and much more.

Prices - With so many different options, prices vary so vastly so an estimate would need to be put together.

Paths & Shed Bases

Arguably one of the most important aspects of any garden, but so often over looked and forgotten about. Like patios, paths can be finished with so many different materials such as ; Slabs, Stone, Gravel, Concrete, Etc. 

A shed is a great structure to have in your garden as it provides a storage space for all major of things, from lawnmowers to garden furniture. So it is vital that the shed has a good, solid, foundation or base. One of the most common options is a concrete base but old paving slabs can work sometimes too.


A Rockery is a great addition to any garden and can be created almost anywhere. They look particularly impressive around water features, ponds and on steeper banks. The use of so many different colours and textures means they really do bring that extra something to your outdoor space. If your thinking about including a rookery in your garden plan then get in touch with Helping AND by clicking Here and filling in our contact form.  


Garden Features & Ponds

Nothing is quite the same as the sound of gently, trickling water to relax the mind and body. So why not introduce a water feature into your garden design. Garden ponds, rills, water fountains, water features or even bird baths can all bring your garden to life, whilst creating a great focal point for any outdoor space. Along with superb aesthetics, water features are another great way to bring a garden ambience to your outdoor space in the form of running water with the added bonus of attracting more wildlife. Wether you want a pond for decoration or to keep fish we can provide and install ponds of various sizes. For more information get in touch by clicking Here 


Garden Spring

A small garden spring is the perfect feature to incorporate into your garden if you want a water feature but have young children. This is the safer alternative to installing a pond as you can make the spring as shallow as desired.


Rill water features

A rill is a man-made Straight channel of water that is the perfect choice for any sized garden as they take up very little space and are easy to maintain. The water in a rill is usually very shallow resulting in them being ideal for families with small children. Additionally a rill is generally appreciated by local wildlife as they act as a drinking source.

Rockery stones, boulders and water statues can be used in conjunction with your water feature to add dimension and individuality.

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