Inspiration is when you craft an idea out of something you have seen and liked. It doesn't have to be every little detail of that certain object or item, it can be one or two things such as the colour, the shape, the texture or even a practical element. A practical element would be for instance, does the material become slippery when wet (could be a problem if it was used for a path etc )or is the material particularly strong (Will it hold up in the British weather).  

Where Can I Find Inspiration ?

You can find inspiration from almost anywhere. However one of the best places I have found is on Pinterest, especially if you find it a bit of a challenge to picture how something will look. Search for helping AND on Pinterest to see all the great Ideas we have found. Another fantastic place to look is in magazines and books as these usually contain great ideas that have been tried and tested.

Scrap Book

A brilliant idea is to create a scrap book (Book of ideas) where you can collect different images of things you like. This can be a physical book or you can use a digital equivalent such as Pinterest. This way you can really zone in on what exactly you like and what you want to incorporate into your garden. 

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