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Cutting down & Clearing over-grown areas

How am I going to do this ?

Clearing an over grown area can seem a daunting task, however when you have the right people with the right equipment the job can be completed with ease.   

How much will it cost ?

The price with this type of project is difficult to categorise, as there are so many different factors to consider; such as what type of vegetation is present, how high is the vegetation, what's the size of the area to be cleared, is the ground to be cleared of roots as well, etc. As you can imagine the list goes on so a unique estimate is required for each project which we will provide for free.

Example of a project completed from start to finish

Why Choose 
Helping AND ?

The Process

  1.  Visual inspection
  2. Estimate Provided
  3. Cutting down vegetation using brush cutter (like a strimmer but with a blade)  
  4. Shred up/take away the debris
  5. Dig out roots/ level ground 
  6. Finishing touches such as sweeping up etc   
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Clients Include:

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